FAQ about Pocket Arena

How can I convert XP to POC?

By playing different PA DApps (such as Castle Defense, Ice Pop , Bricks n Targets), you can earn XP. The XPs can be exchanged into POC soon. We are working to make this function live by end of Aug. That means that your PA Wallet based on Hyperledger Fabric will go live by then and you can exchange your earned XP to POC. The exchange rate between XP and POC may vary from time to time. Early gamer will enjoy better rate of XP due to the limited supply of POC. Please stay tuned with us.

What is the price of POC? and how to cash out?

Our ERC20/BEP20 based POC is going for public sale in Q4 2021. It is called "IDO - Initial Dex Offering". Upon this public sale, the price of POC will be determined based on market demand.
POC shall be able to cash out in different fiat currencies after the IDO. Please stay tuned with us for the further notices.

I got POC already in my browser wallet and What is it?

From some of our previous PA games (e.g. Smash & Grab, Jump the Gap etc), you may have earned some POC based on Stellar Lumens. This POC on Stellar Lumens will be called as "POC Classic" and this will be swapped into the new POC in the new PA Wallet by 1:1 sooner or later. Our PA team is currently working on the system to make this swap possible for our early PA users. We estimate this function could go live in Q4 2021. Once it is up and running, we will inform officially.
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