A. Pocket Arena Esports

Mobile esports based on the Play to Earn aspect of NFT gaming.

The flagship game of Pocket Arena, NFT Castle Defense (a PvE format version), was released in beta phase in July 2021. Castle Arena (a PvP format version) was released in Mid February 2022. Castle Arena is a place where users battle based on a virtual map.

In Castle Defense, roles are basically divided into sponsors (castle owners) and players. The value of the castle is increased by sharing profits and coexisting with each other. Castle owners are the holders of NFT Castle who rent it out to players. The players in turn play Castle Defense with the rented castle and earn XP which can be converted to POC. The value of an NFT Castle is also increased when a player uses it to play and accumulate XP in the process. XP that is acquired is used to create and multiply in-game assets in the form of knights, wizards, weapons, participating in the PvP battles etc. The burning mechanism of PX is continuously being developed and added in order to prevent POC inflation and also to increase the fun element of the game.

Players and sponsors can purchase and trade Castle Defense game assets directly from the PA wallet based on distributed ledger technology.

You can play Castle Defense now by clicking this link on your PC, tablet mobile phone and start to earn POC without needing to invest. Simply sign-up via your email.

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