D. POC Token

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Pocket Arena is powered by "POC", an ERC20/BEP20 utility token, designed to provide real rewards to players and serve as the core currency of the Pocket Arena NFT and gaming economy. PA SDK is applied to all PA games, so you can mine XP according to the user experience, exchange it for POC, the utility token of Pocket Arena, or purchase NFT items from the marketplace. The ratio of XP to POC is not fixed, but by continuously adjusting it, one can prevent inflation of POC.

POC is classified into several grades such as aPOC, bPOC, and mPOC. Usage and withdrawal policies are applied differently depending on the grade.

Key Utilities of POC

  • Players Rewards for Pocket Arena Games

  • Esports Rewards for Pocket Arena Games

  • Castle Defense / Castle Town Game Item Upgrades

Deployed Contracts:

Security Audit


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