2. What is Pocket Arena? (PA)

Web3 Esports & NFT Marketplace

Pocket Arena is an NFT Play-to-Earn Web3 gaming platform that supports esports, guilds and metaverse.

As a pioneer of innovations and technologies, Pocket Arena team provides the services with the user-friendly motto “Have fun, win and earn” integrated in the following key offerings of Pocket Arena as below in a nutshell.

A. Pocket Arena Esports - The worlds of esports and crypto are fast converging. The convergence, dubbed "play-to-earn" (more broadly part of the decentralization movement called "web3"), is expected to upend the traditional business models in the game industry. The whole new paradigm is based on getting real-world value out of in-game items and other types of digital goods (that can be traded, bought, or sold) using NFT components. Here the flagship game NFT Castle Defense realises the mobile Esports via PvP land battle, so called " Castle Arena" on NFT/Play-to-Earn basis.

B. Pocket Arena Guilds - Pocket Arena Guilds are autonomous guild group meant for Castle Arena battles. They correspond to the main community of the Pocket Arena. Each guild consists of guild manager, assistant guild manager and guild members.

There is a profit earned by the guild through the profit sharing policy of Castle Arena. As of December 2021, 55 guilds, equivalent to 1500 members from 14 countries around the world, have been formed in the Pocket Arena.

Castle Defense will eventually become a battle between guilds, and daily highlight matches will be broadcasted through Esports broadcast platforms.

C. Pocket Metaverse - In addition to being an esports platform for NFT gaming, a virtual social town called NFT Castle Town is provided as a mobile pocket metaverse. This town allows users to engage in commercial activities while enjoying social life. This includes chatting between users in addition to intense esports battles. Creators can also directly create and mint their own NFT contents and trade NFT content as it provides a platform with an immersive Web 3.0 ecosystem. One of the key elements consisting Castle Town is NFT Emoji Avatar reflecting their personas when they play games, and buy assets and products.. Users can create their own Emoji Avatars and their wearables in NFT in Pocket Arena ecosystem.

D. POC Token - Pocket Arena is powered by "POC", an ERC20/BEP20 utility token, issued by Emoji Games, designed to provide real rewards to players and serve as the core currency of the Pocket Arena NFT and gaming economy.

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