1. Disclaimer

This white paper is provided by Emoji Games GmbH with regards to Pocket Arena, the Web3 Esports & NFT Marketplace. The Pocket Arena (PA) platform uses Pocket Arena Token “POC”, a utility token for Pocket Arena dApps.

The information contained in this white paper and on www.pocketarena.com is for informational purposes only, for non-commercial, personal use, and does not imply any contractual relations, it may be incomplete and can be updated at any time, without prior notice, as Emoji Games may think fit. The history of any revisions will always be set out at the start of the document by way of the version reference. Emoji Games does not provide any warranty, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the materials and data mentioned in this document. At the same time, Emoji Games has made every effort to ensure that all statements and data submitted in this white paper are accurate and relevant as of today. This website and the content of the PDF document may be different. Please note that the version on this website (Gitbook) is always up-to-date and final version.

Throughout the entirety of this whitepaper, nothing should be deemed or perceived as a solicitation for investment, nor does it pertain in any way to solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Likewise, this document does not offer any advice in any form. Some statements and estimates in this white paper come under the category of forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements consist of both known and unknown hazards, and actual events may differ from estimates.

Any purchase of POC Token is non-refundable and is final. Any purchaser shall be required to agree separately on the standard POC Token sales agreement provided by Emoji Games. Please note that POC holders accept all risks of handling the tokens themselves. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your participation in the token sale is not prohibited under the applicable legal restrictions in your country of residence or domicile. Emoji Games is not responsible for the actions of token sale participants who take part in this event in breach of their country’s laws, even if violations of these laws are due to ignorance.” Possession and ownership of POC holds no rights, express or implied, with exception of the right to use POC as an access means of digital service within the PA ecosystem. You accept and understand that POC does not confer or represent any stake or ownership right, loan, security, share or equivalent rights to receive any form of future revenue shares in Emoji Games or any of its affiliates. The intended purpose of POC is not that of a commodity, security or any other type of financial instrument.

Emoji Games is not responsible for the requirements that the tax authorities of the country of residence (for individuals) or registration (for legal entities) may impose, due to the purchase, ownership and use of POC Tokens. Prospective investors are solely responsible for determining whether a potential valuation or reassessment of the value of the POC Token in the long term may have any tax implications in their jurisdiction. Emoji Games encourages individuals and legal entities to seek additional advice from legal, tax, financial or other specialised independent specialists.”

All Intellectual Property Rights within this white paper arising out of the Pocket Arena platform ,POC Tokens and PA Wallet are solely reserved by Emoji Games GmbH. The English language version of the POC white paper is intended as the official primary source of information with regards to the POC Token.

The information stated within this document may on occasions be translated into different languages, other than English, for user convenience only. Throughout such translations, it is possible that some of the information contained may contain errors, become corrupted, lost, or misrepresented. Therefore, the details and accuracy of alternative documents cannot be guaranteed. In the event of inconsistencies (and or conflicts) between multiple translations of the white paper, or across our websites, the statements and provisions of this original English language document will always take priority.

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