C. Pocket Metaverse

Pocket Arena realises the infinite opportunities that the Metaverse presents. The possibility of combining esports with the metaverse offers quite a number of advantages.

Our goal as a Play To Earn NFT game platform is to fundamentally increase the accessibility of products and services and provide users with a virtual social life experience within Castle Town.

Let's take the flagship game Castle Defense (a perfect blend of traditional tower defense and PvP virtual real estate battle mode) as an example where users can reap the benefits of the Play-To-Earn model. Among its many advantages, the game presents a metaverse in the form of an NFT Castle Town, where users perform their daily activities and facilitate easy interactions with each other via a built-in chat function.

The main components of Castle Town are NFT emoji avatars, social chat features, NFT buildings, and the elements of casual games running inside the buildings. All these components are designed and sold as NFT’s.

Users can chat with each other for interactions and battle strategies, which is an important element of the NFT Castle Town metaverse.

In Castle Arena, PvP battles take place on the virtual map of Luzern. This battle takes place in designated areas like Forest, Desert, Snow, and Fantasy. Among these areas, City is a land of peace and settlement, where the Pocket Arena metaverse thrives. As a result, NFT Castle Town is built here. The virtual map is planned to expand into further cities of Switzerland and neighboring countries per user growth.

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