NFT Emoji Avatars

In order to bring the Pocket Arena Metaverse to life, we are excited to introduce NFT Emoji Avatars to represent yourself and express your characters and emotions as well as to enjoy casual esports to participate in Emoji Avatar Games, in short "Emoji Games".

Pocket Arena as the Web3 Esports & NFT Marketplace aims to fundamentally increase the accessibility and usability of Esports gaming services and provide users with a virtual social life experience within NFT Castle Town. We have discovered that the combination of esports with the metaverse offers quite a number of advantages and rich experiences to our users.

In case you didn’t know, #PocketArena Team which has been a leader in brand gamification in the last 7 years before we jumped into blockchain gaming, developed many casual games (over 80+) for many brands. These games are all in-house developed and all IPs are owned by Pocket Arena Team. We are now utilising our immense gaming assets for Pocket Arena, specifically in Castle Town.

In Castle Town, there will be various buildings such as City Hall, Pharmacy, Police, Restaurants, Cafe, Arcade etc that will be coming into being as the core elements of NFT Castle Town.

This Arcade Building will be the central hub for all casual games where any user can enjoy Esports against other players.

Even in other castle buildings, there will be various gamification and XP earning/burning mechanisms using Emoji Avatars. Here you will need to use Emoji Avatar in order to participate in the Casual Esports. Either you can own yours or rent from other people. If you rent an Avatar from other users, you just need to share XP profits by 20% with the owner.

For example, this Super Pill game will be customised with your Emoji Avatar. You can check how this Emoji Game will be created by using our games studio easily. Then the Avatar owner has a right to claim 20% of XP profit whenever any XP has been earned by using this Emoji Avatar. We call this Emoji Avatar Game in short “Emoji Game” which is our entity name “Emoji Games GmbH” and our identity which we have been working on for many years. Learn more here.

In NFT Castle Town, users interact with each other through avatars known as NFT Emoji Avatars. These 2.5D avatars are created from emoji characters and are sold as NFT items by Emoji Games. These emoji avatars reflect users' feelings and emotions and can be dressed as per choice.

By default the basic Avatar can be rented for all Castle town inhabitants, like below.

Emoji Avatars will have various utilities in Castle Town economy and one good example is to have a privilege to be able to "mine metals and golds for Castle Arena"

One of the important components of Castle Town is the “Mining District” where the town residents can mine gold and other metals which will be used to upgrade Castle items for the players in the Castle Arena battle.

Only the Castle Town residents who hold Castle Passport and Emoji Avatar owners/renters are allowed to mine the resources!

Besides, PA casual games such as Bricks N Targets, Jumping Frog etc will be integrated into the Castle Town, where users can pay and collect tax for the use of each building. Thus, Emoji Avatar is a MUST-HAVE item in order to enjoy this economy.

In the future, users will be able to create their own avatars, wearables for their avatars and mint them as NFT’s to conduct P2P transactions.

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