D. PA Wallet & PA Marketplace

The Pocket Arena Wallet also known as the PA Wallet, is a private blockchain-based wallet that stores, transmits and receives public and security keys for PA-supported cryptocurrencies, including NFTs, in a secure and user-friendly way. PA Wallet runs on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) - Hyperledger Fabric nodes, an open source distributed ledger technology.
All Pocket Arena in-game asset transactions are made within the PA wallet, so once you log in to the PA wallet, you can enjoy various PA games. The PA wallet is also safe, quick, and gas-free, making trading effortless and efficient.
The current PA Wallet 2.0Ve
PA Wallet version 3.0 (Falk.App), which will be updated in the second half of 2022, will be implemented in the public chain and upgraded to a non-custodial form where users themselves store their private keys.
With Layer 2, Ethereum side chain, users can trade on-chain by withdrawing or depositing NFTs and POCs with minimal gas fees. Also all in-game transactions will be transparent and publicly displayed. With the support of ERC 721, it will also become possible to trade in the open market.
PA Wallet 3.0
Pocket Arena’s NFT marketplace is divided into B2C and P2P listings. For B2C listings, NFT Castle, NFT Avatar, NFT Buildings and Deco Items will be sold first by Emoji Games.
Payments are made with a credit card based on EUR. P2P payments with a credit card based on EUR, is currently in place. Payments made with POC for P2P trading will be supported from Q2 2022